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orange-dotInupiat entity, conservationists, challenge NPR-A construction project
(The Cordova Times, 12/31/20)

yellow-dotWe Should Act Now To Protect The American Arctic (Podcast Episode: 82)
( Talks With..., 12/29/20)

orange-dotConservation groups sue to halt winter work at large ConocoPhillips exploration project
(Anchorage Daily News, 12/24/20)

yellow-dotLook forward, Alaska, not back
Andy Moderow op-ed (Anchorage Daily News, 12/23/20)

green-dotLawsuit Aims at Trump’s Repeal of Logging Restriction in Alaska
(Courthouse News Service, 12/23/20)

green-dotLawsuit challenges Trump's lifting of roadless rule in Alaska's Tongass forest
(Reuters, 12/23/20)

green-dotSoutheast Tribes, Conservation Organizations Sue Trump Administration Over Roadless Rule
(KINY Radio Juneau, 12/23/20)

white-dotIt could take years for Biden to restore wildlife protections erased by Trump
(The Washington Post, 12/22/20)

white-dotGroups launch campaign to secure Biden nominees
(E&E, 12/22/20)

green-dotInvestigation blames U.S. Forest Service for giving Alaska grant used for Roadless Rule fight
(Alaska Public Media, 12/21/20)

yellow-dotBLM pushes forward to promote seismic exploration in Arctic coastal plain
(The Cordova Times, 12/19/20)

green-dotUSDA Broke Law With $2 Million Tongass Grant, Watchdog Finds
(Bloomberg, 12/18/20)

yellow-dotAlaska wants to shun banks that don’t fund state oil and gas
(The Associated Press, 12/16/20)

yellow-dotAlaska’s governor wants the state to cut ties with banks who shun Arctic oil drilling
(Arctic Today, 12/15/20)

yellow-dotAmerica's last wilderness is about to go to the highest bidder for oil drilling
Kim Heacox op-ed (The Guardian, 12/15/20)

yellow-dotDunleavy wants state to cut ties with banks that won’t fund Arctic oil projects
(Alaska Public Media, 12/14/20)

yellow-dotTake Arctic Refuge off Trump’s Chopping Block
Debbie Miller op-ed (The Progressive, 12/9/20)

yellow-dotJust days before exit, Trump plans "going out of business" sale with Arctic drilling leases
(Salon, 12/8/20)

yellow-dotU.S. land management bureau plans to hold oil and gas lease sale for Alaska's Arctic Refuge
(CBC News, 12/4/20)

yellow-dotSale of Arctic Refuge Oil and Gas Leases Is Set for Early January
(The New York Times, 12/3/20)

yellow-dotTrump kick-starts oil drilling licence sales in Arctic Refuge
(The Guardian, 12/3/20)

yellow-dotUS plans oil, gas lease sale in Alaska's Arctic Refuge
(The Associated Press, 12/3/20)

yellow-dotTrump administration schedules Arctic Alaska refuge oil and gas lease sale for early January
(Anchorage Daily News, 12/3/20)

yellow-dotNot Waiting for Public Comment, Trump Administration Schedules Lease Sale for Arctic Wildlife Refuge
(Inside Climate News, 12/3/20)

yellow-dotTrump plans to announce lease sale in Arctic Refuge on 60th anniversary
(The Independent, 12/3/20)

yellow-dotJust days before exit, Trump plans ‘going out of business’ sale with Arctic drilling leases
(Raw Story, 12/3/20)

white-dotGood News for Salmon, Bad News for Prospectors
Editorial (The New York Times, 12/1/20)

white-dotPebble Mine Denied Permit in Victory for Tribes, Waterways and Planet
(Ecowatch, 11/27/20)

white-dotPebble Mine dead while the award winning film "The Wild" goes the distance
(PR Web, 11/26/20)

yellow-dotInterview of the Week: Adam Kolton
(Our Daily Planet, 11/25/20)

white-dotArmy Corps denies permit for massive gold mine proposed near Bristol Bay in Alaska
(The Washington Post, 11/25/20)

white-dotTrump administration denies planned mine near Alaska fishery
(The Associated Press, 11/25/20)

white-dotGovernment blocks proposed mine that threatened Alaska salmon fishery
(The Guardian, 11/25/20)

blue-dotFederal agency moves to revise OCS drilling rules
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 11/24/20)

yellow-dotDrilling the Arctic refuge doesn’t make sense — but Trump wants it to happen anyway
(Popular Science, 11/24/20)

yellow-dotTrump’s Last-Ditch Effort to Drill the Alaskan Wilderness
(Nexus Media, 11/24/20)

yellow-dotBiden opens the door to protecting the Arctic Refuge
Kristen Miller op-ed (The Hill, 11/22/20)

white-dotA destructive legacy: Trump bids for final hack at environmental protections
(The Guardian, 11/21/20)

blue-dotTrump administration pushes for rollback of Arctic offshore drilling regulations
(The Hill, 11/19/20)

blue-dotInterior slashes Arctic oil spill regulations
(E&E News, 11/19/20)

yellow-dotThe frenzied final power moves of the Trump administration could change our planet forever
(The Independent, 11/19/20)

blue-dotU.S. moves to loosen safety rules for Arctic Ocean oil drilling
(Reuters, 11/19/20)

yellow-dotAlaska Wilderness League's Adam Kolton and Author/Commentator Jared Yates Sexton (Podcast Ep: 233)
(Stand Up! with Pete Dominick, 11/18/20)

orange-dotConservation groups sue US to halt oil project in Alaska
(The Associated Press, 11/18/20)

orange-dotEnvironmental groups sue Trump administration to stop ConocoPhillips’ Willow oil project
(Anchorage Daily News, 11/18/20)

yellow-dotTrump offers licences to drill in Alaska's Arctic sanctuary
(BBC Radio Newsday, 11/18/20)

yellow-dotTrump Admin Hurriedly Selling ANWR Oil Leases Before Leaving Office
(Adventure Journal, 11/17/20)

yellow-dotTrump Team Rushes to Drill In Arctic — But Will They Fall Flat?
(Our Daily Planet, 11/17/20)

yellow-dotTrump Is Trying to Lease Arctic Land for Drilling Before Biden Takes Over
(VICE News, 11/17/20)

yellow-dotTrump administration calls for Arctic oil drilling bids in race to beat the clock before Biden takes office
(The Independent, 11/17/20)


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