Alaska Wilderness League staff and supporters live in every corner of this country. Whenever concerned citizens voice their passion for Alaska’s wilderness in the media, we catalog it. Below you'll find Alaska in the news, as well as the most recent press releases from the League.

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yellow-dotThe largest Alaskan wilderness under threat from Trump and Big Oil
(ABC News/Foreign Correspondent, 10/22/19)

green-dotHow the Trump admin plans to fast-track Tongass logging
(E&E Greenwire, 10/22/19)

green-dotWhy is the Tongass National Forest so important?
(Mother Nature Network, 10/21/19)

green-dotTrump to Lift Logging Restriction on America's Amazon
(Nature World News, 10/18/19)

green-dotTrump plans to scrap logging ban in US’ largest forest as experts warn of ‘irreparable harm’
(The Independent, 10/16/19)

green-dotTrump Administration Paves Way for Old-growth Clearcutting in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest
Group Statement (10/15/2019)

white-dotTwo more legal challenges brought to EPA's Pebble Mine actions
(KTUU, 10/9/19)

white-dotNew Coalition to Protect Public Lands from Trump Administration’s Industry Giveaways
Group Statement (10/2/2019)

yellow-dotTrump Moves to Open 1.5 Million Acres of Alaskan Refuge for Oil Drilling By End of the Year
(EcoWatch, 9/14/19)

yellow-dotTrump Admin Opens Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil Drilling for 1st Time, Dems Fight Back
(EnviroNews, 9/14/19)

yellow-dotAs House passes Arctic drilling ban, Interior goes the other way
(Roll Call, 9/13/19)

yellow-dotHouse Votes to Block Arctic Wildlife Refuge Drilling as Clock Ticks Toward First Oil, Gas Lease Sale
(InsideClimate News, 9/13/19)

green-dotHow Trump May Bulldoze "America's Amazon"
(CNN, 9/13/19)

yellow-dotTrump opens protected Alaskan Arctic refuge to oil drillers
(The Guardian, 9/12/19)

yellow-dotTrump administration releases rushed environmental review for Arctic Refuge drilling
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (9/12/19)

yellow-dotU.S. House Passes Legislation to Protect Arctic Refuge in Historic Vote
Group Statement (9/12/19)

yellow-dotTrump Admin. Undermines Environmental Review for Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Group Statement (9/12/2019)

yellow-dotSenate Leaders Introduce Arctic Refuge Protection Bill
Group Statement (9/11/2019)

yellow-dotProtecting our Wilderness, From the President
(The New York Times, 9/9/19)

yellow-dotExploring a Timeless Wilderness, Before the Drilling Begins
(The New York Times, 9/9/19)

green-dotTargeting the Tongass National Forest for Amazon-like Destruction
(Counterpunch, 9/5/19)

yellow-dotThe White House Saw Riches in the Arctic Refuge, but Reality May Fall Short
(The New York Times, 8/21/19)

yellow-dotThe Youth Fighting Drilling in the Arctic
(Forbes, 8/8/19)

white-dotGroups sue Trump administration over latest deal to punch road through Alaska refuge
(Anchorage Daily News, 8/7/2019)

white-dotConservation groups sue to block road in Alaska refuge
(Associated Press, 8/7/2019)

white-dotLawsuit challenges Trump administration’s new land swap deal to bulldoze a road in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
Group Statement (8/7/2019)

yellow-dot‘Just blatant disregard for transparency’: groups take Trump administration to court over unreleased ANWR records
(Yukon News, 8/2/2019)

yellow-dotGroups sue for information on Arctic refuge lease sale
(Associated Press, 7/31/2019)

yellow-dotAlaska natives accuse White House of hiding Arctic oil impact information
(Reuters, 7/31/2019)

yellow-dotLawsuit calls out Interior Department for violating Freedom of Information Act
Group Statement (7/31/2019)

yellow-dotHow Science Got Trampled in the Rush to Drill in the Arctic
(Politico, 7/26/2019)

white-dotTrump Administration Signs New Deal for Disastrous Road through Izembek Refuge
(YubaNet, 7/25/2019)

white-dotFeds withdraw appeal of Izembek Refuge road decision
(Alaska Public Media, 7/22/2019)

yellow-dotI Traveled to the Arctic to Witness Climate Disaster Firsthand
(Teen Vogue, 7/17/2019)

green-dotThe Rulemaking Process for an Alaska-Specific Roadless Rule: What’s the Point?
(Alaska Native News, 7/16/2019)

yellow-dotThe North Face Launches Youth Campaign For Arctic Advocacy
(SGB Media, 7/16/2019)

yellow-dotNo Plans for Aerial Survey of Arctic Refuge, Company Says
(The New York Times, 7/8/2019)

white-dotEPA found a 'typo' in its carbon rule. Why it matters
(E&E Climatewire, 7/1/2019)

yellow-dotAlaska Lawmakers, Industry Tell Democrats to Stand Down
(The National Journal, 6/27/2019)

yellow-dotConservation, Alaska and Indigenous Organizations Applaud Arctic Refuge Provision in Interior Spending Bill
Group Statement (6/21/2019)

yellow-dotgreen-dotInterior Spending Bill Votes Highlight Support for Taxpayers and Alaska Public Lands
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (6/20/2019)

yellow-dotInterior spending bill holds Trump administration accountable for 2017 promises
(The Hill, 6/19/2019)

blue-dotBipartisan Bills Would Protect America's Coasts, Oceans and Marine Life From Offshore Drilling Expansion
Group Statement (6/19/2019)

yellow-dotTrump’s Plan for Finding Oil in Alaska May Put Polar Bears at Risk
(Bloomberg, 6/10/2019)

yellow-dotAerial Arctic Refuge drilling surveys raise alarm
(E&E Greenwire, 6/10/2019)

yellow-dotWe must put a stop to oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge
(Digital Journal, 5/31/2019)

yellow-dotU.S. vows first oil lease sale in Alaska Arctic refuge this year
(Reuters, 5/30/2019)

yellow-dotTaking the fight over the Arctic Refuge to Twitter
(InsideSources, 5/30/2019)

green-dotAuthor shares Alaska's salmon stories and ways of life
(Arctic Sounder, 5/24/2019)

yellow-dotArctic Refuge fight not over for Democrats in Congress
(Alaska Public Media, 5/22/2019)


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