Alaska Wilderness League staff and supporters live in every corner of this country. Whenever concerned citizens voice their passion for Alaska’s wilderness in the media, we catalog it. Below you'll find Alaska in the news, as well as the most recent press releases from the League.

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yellow-dotBiden Suspends Oil Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge While Supporting Drilling Elsewhere in Alaska
(EcoWatch, 6/2/21)

yellow-dotBiden Urged to Go Further After ‘Strong Step’ Toward Protecting Arctic Refuge From Drilling
(Alaska Native News, 6/2/21)

yellow-dotBiden administration suspends oil and gas leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(The Washington Post, 6/1/21)

yellow-dotBiden Suspends Drilling Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(The New York Times, 6/1/21)

yellow-dotBiden suspends oil leases in Alaska’s Arctic refuge
(The Associated Press, 6/1/21)

yellow-dotBiden suspends Trump-era oil and gas leases in Alaska refuge
(Reuters, 6/1/21)

white-dotLorraine Netro awarded the Glen Davis Conservation Prize
(Yukon News, 5/30/21)

orange-dotBiden’s Justice Department Is Defending a Trump-Era Plan to Drill the Arctic
(Earther, 5/28/21)

orange-dotBiden backs enormous Trump-era Alaska oil drilling project opposed by environmentalists
(The Independent, 5/28/21)

orange-dotBiden administration throws support behind Willow oil project
(Alaska Public Media, 5/27/21)

orange-dotEnvironmentalists condemn Biden's backing of Alaska oil drilling project
(Reuters, 5/27/21)

orange-dotBiden officials condemned for backing Trump-era Alaska drilling project
(The Guardian, 5/27/21)

orange-dotBiden Administration Defends Huge Alaska Oil Drilling Project
(The New York Times, 5/26/21)

white-dotThe outdoors are so white. Here’s how Lena Waithe and Jimmy Chin could change that
(Fast Company, 5/25/21)

white-dotMeet Chad Brown, founder of Love is King
(Outside Business Journal, 5/17/21)

blue-dotArctic coastal drilling rules stay
(Politico Morning Energy, 5/10/21)

blue-dotInterior drops Trump proposal for Arctic offshore drilling
(The Associated Press, 5/7/21)

white-dotAdam Kolton, 53, Dies; Led Fight to Protect Alaskan Refuge
(The New York Times, 5/3/21)

white-dotAdam Kolton, who helped fend off development in Alaska’s wild places, dies at 53
(The Washington Post, 4/30/21)

white-dotRemembering Adam Kolton
(Our Daily Planet, 4/30/21)

white-dotAdam Kolton, defender of the Arctic refuge, dies
(E&E News, 4/27/21)

white-dotKolton, Champion for Collaborative Conservation, Left ‘Indelible Mark’ on Wildlife, Arctic Conservation
(National Wildlife Magazine, 4/26/21)

green-dotAgriculture Department urged to stop funding logging roads in Tongass
(The Cordova Times, 4/22/21)

green-dotThe Calming, Healthful Joy of Visiting an Old-Growth Forest Near You
(Bloomberg, 4/22/21)

green-dotConservation and climate groups call on USDA to end subsidies for Tongass logging
(SitNews, 4/20/21)

white-dotHaaland Pivots Interior Toward Renewable Energy
(Outside Online, 4/19/21)

white-dotHurtigruten Will Donate to Protect Alaskan Wildlife
(Travel Pulse, 4/19/21)

white-dotHurtigruten to Donate 1% of Alaska Cruise Cost to Charity
(Cruise Industry News, 4/19/21)

white-dotHaaland begins work of reversing Trump's pro-fossil fuel, anti-climate agenda
(Hatch Magazine, 4/17/21)

white-dotInterior secretary revokes Trump-era energy orders
(Alaska's News Source, 4/17/21)

white-dot'Watershed Moment' as Haaland Revokes Trump-Era Orders, Creates Climate Task Force
(EcoWatch, 4/17/21)

white-dotModerate nominee shifts battle line over deputy post
(E&E News, 4/15/21)

blue-dotNinth Circuit Court Confirms Obama-Era Protections for Arctic, Atlantic Oceans
(YubaNet, 4/14/21)

blue-dotAppeals court backs drilling protections reinstated by Biden
(The Hill, 4/13/21)

yellow-dotConservation Alliance Awards $1.1 million to Indigenous-Led Conservation Projects
(Inside Outdoor Magazine, 3/31/21)

yellow-dotHere Are 9 Gorgeous Minutes On Why ANWR Must Remain Wild
(Adventure Journal, 3/25/21)

white-dotWhite House pulls nominee for Interior’s No. 2 post after opposition from centrists
(The Washington Post, 3/23/21)

white-dotHaaland's Confirmation as Interior Secretary Hailed as 'Historic and Hopeful Moment'
(EcoWatch, 3/16/21)

white-dotInterior to review federal fossil fuel program, Trump public land fire sale
(YubaNet, 3/9/21)

yellow-dotKaktovik Iñupiat Corp. blames feds for missed ANWR deadline
(Alaska Public Media, 2/26/21)

yellow-dotKaktovik Iñupiat Corporation misses key deadline to do seismic work in Arctic refuge this winter
(Alaska Public Media, 2/22/21)

white-dot500 NGOs Implore Senate Leaders to Confirm Deb Haaland for Interior
(EnviroNews, 2/22/21)

orange-dotAppeals court brings Willow project work to temporary halt
(The Cordova Times, 2/16/21)

orange-dotJudges block work at ConocoPhillips’ huge Alaska project, casting cloud over “North Slope Renaissance”
(Alaska Public Media, 2/16/21)

yellow-dotBiden seeks delays on Arctic drilling challenges
(The Hill, 2/10/21)

orange-dotConocoPhillips Alaska Construction Blocked Pending Appeal
(Bloomberg, 2/8/21)

white-dotOil and gas industry fears Biden will halt key projects in Alaska
(The Arctic Sounder, 2/5/21)

yellow-dotRep. Brian Fitzpatrick sponsors bill to protect Arctic National Refuge
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/4/21)

orange-dotConocoPhillips Alaska Road Construction OK’d Pending Lawsuit
(Bloomberg, 2/2/21)

white-dotWill President Biden's plans to transition away from oil drilling leave Alaska’s economy behind?
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/31/21)


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