Alaska Wilderness League staff and supporters live in every corner of this country. Whenever concerned citizens voice their passion for Alaska’s wilderness in the media, we catalog it. Below you'll find Alaska in the news, as well as the most recent press releases from the League.

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yellow-dotInterior Department takes step toward drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(USA Today, 4/19/2018)

yellow-dotFOIA Tracking - Arctic Refuge
(Politico Morning Energy, 4/11/2018)

blue-dotBeaufort Sea lease sale solicitation draws objections
(Associated Press, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotArctic Drilling Lease Sale Proposed for 2019 in Beaufort Sea, Once Off-Limits
(InsideClimate News, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotU.S. issues call for information on Arctic lease for drillers
(United Press International, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotTrump wades into Arctic with proposed Beaufort Sea sale
(EnergyWire $, 3/29/2018)

blue-dotEnvironmental groups bristle at feds collecting information on drilling in the Beaufort Sea
(Anchorage Daily News, 3/29/2018)

green-dotLandless communities continue fight for land
(KTOO, 3/27/2018)

green-dotConservationists see positives for Tongass in spending bill
(Associated Press, 3/22/2018)

green-dotThe big federal spending bill: what's in it for Alaska (and what isn't)
(Anchorage Daily News, 3/22/2018)

orange-dotUSGS scientist resigns in tussle over release of NPR-A data
(APRN, 2/21/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska caribou population booms
(The Weather Channel, 2/21/2018)

orange-dotTrump's Arctic Oil, Gas Lease Sale Violated Environmental Rules, Lawsuits Claim
(InsideClimate News, 2/2/2018)

orange-dotTwo lawsuits challenge NPR-A lease sale
(APRN, 2/2/2018)

yellow-dotTrump: 'I Never Appreciated ANWR' Until Oil Industry Friend Called
(EcoWatch, 2/2/2018)

yellow-dotTrump Explains Support for Oil Drilling in Arctic Refuge
(U.S. News & World Report, 2/1/2018)

yellow-dotTrump explains support for oil drilling in Arctic refuge
(Associated Press, 2/1/2018)

yellow-dotTrump ‘really didn’t care’ about ANWR. Then a friend called.
(Alaska Public Radio, 2/1/2018)

white-dotEnvironmental coalition sues Interior over King Cove road deal
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 1/31/2018)

white-dotEnvironmental groups sue Trump administration over road through Alaska wildlife refuge
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/31/2018)

white-dotEnviros sue over King Cove road
(APRN, 1/31/2018)

yellow-dotTrump agency finds climate impacts on Arctic wildlife
(Climatewire $, 1/30/2018)

blue-dotPublic meetings on OCS drilling plan postponed due to government shutdown
(KTUU, 1/23/2018)

white-dotSecretary Zinke signs land transfer paving way for King Cove road
(Gray TV/KTUU, 1/22/2018)

yellow-dotAlaska’s Caribou Boomed Last Year and Scientists Aren’t Sure Why
(Earther, 1/16/2018)

yellow-dotDespite congressional approval, oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Arctic Refuge is still years away
(USA Today, 1/11/2018)

white-dotMixed outlook on effects of 2018 oil production in Alaska
(Gray TV/KTUU, 1/5/2018)

blue-dotTrump Administration Opens Door To Dramatic Expansion Of Offshore Energy Leases
(NPR, 1/4/2018)

white-dot‘Dangerous’ or ‘amazing,’ Trump’s first year was eventful for Alaska
(Anchorage Daily News, 1/1/2018)

yellow-dotThe Fight to Protect the Arctic Refuge Has Just Begun
(Patagonia, 12/27/2017)

yellow-dotAlaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now up for sale
(The Hill, 12/27/2017)

yellow-dotAlaska oil and natural gas exploration boom in question
(Platts, 12/21/2017)

yellow-dotAlaska leaders claim victory with Refuge drilling provision
(Associated Press, 12/20/2017)

yellow-dotDrilling in Arctic Refuge Gets a Green Light. What’s Next?
(New York Times, 12/20/2017)

yellow-dotWhy Americans will never agree on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(The Conversation, 12/20/2017)

yellow-dotHere are some environmental and energy items that survived the tax conference
(Washington Post, 12/14/2017)

orange-dotOil Drillers Give Cold Shoulder To Alaska Bidding Round
(, 12/8/2017)

orange-dotU.S. petroleum reserve lease sale in Alaska draws just 7 bids
(Associated Press, 12/6/2017)

orange-dotSmall bidders snatch up land near ANWR in state oil lease sale
(Anchorage Daily News, 12/6/2017)

yellow-dotRepublicans counting on high demand to drill in an Alaskan wildlife refuge. They’re deluding themselves.
(Mother Jones, 12/6/2017)

yellow-dotHouse Voting to Conference Controversial Bill This Afternoon
Statement by Adam Kolton, Executive Director (12/4/2017)

yellow-dotGOP on verge of opening Arctic Refuge to drilling
(The Hill, 12/3/2017)

yellow-dotOp-ed: Protect the Arctic Refuge from oil industry allies in Congress
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/1/2017)

yellow-dotProcedural knots tie up Arctic Refuge, reform push
(E&E Daily $, 12/1/2017)

yellow-dotAs Senate considers Arctic Refuge, oil companies' interest in question
(Houston Chronicle, 11/23/2017)

yellow-dotThe dollars and sense of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(Outside Magazine, 11/22/2017)

yellow-dotCongress debates oil drilling in largest US wildlife refuge
(Associated Press, 11/17/2017)

yellow-dotAt Stake in Arctic Refuge Drilling Vote: Money, Wilderness and a Way of Life
(InsideClimate News, 11/16/2017)

yellow-dotMurkowski bill directs at least 2 major lease sales in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
(Washington Post, 11/9/2017)

yellow-dotMurkowski proposes 50-50 federal-state revenue split for drilling lease sales in Arctic wildlife refuge
(Alaska Dispatch News, 11/9/2017)

yellow-dotAlaska Sen. Murkowski Introduces Bill to Drill Arctic Wildlife Refuge
(EcoWatch, 11/9/2017)


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