Alaska Wilderness League is focused on the effort to preserve federal lands and waters in Alaska. We are headquartered in our nation’s capital in order to better work with federal decisionmakers on these issues and to serve as a home base to people from across the country who come to DC to advocate for these special places.

Every day is different in DC. We might be advocating for special places in Congress, the Department of the Interior, or the U.S. Forest Service. We might be watching legislation that would harm Alaska’s special places in a congressional hearing or on the floor. Or we might be hosting Alaskans or advocates from across the country to talk to decisionmakers about these special places. We might be holding a rally in front of the White House, or dropping off comments from supporters at the Department of the Interior.

The League is the only national environmental group focused solely on protecting wild Alaska and ensuring that those voices are heard in Washington, DC. Thanks for your support!