On North America’s shimmering western edge lies a mist-shrouded place of emerald islands, filled with ancient spruce, rugged mountains, abundant wildlife and fast-running rivers. It is our Tongass National Forest – America’s rainforest in southeast Alaska. The Tongass National Forest is a temperate rainforest, one of the world’s rarest ecosystems. Receiving an average of 146 inches of precipitation a year, the Tongass supports towering trees, salmon rich streams and dense grizzly bear populations. The materials and activities contained in this section will bring the islands, streams and trees to life for you and your students.

Each curriculum packet includes downloadable lesson materials as well as classroom activities to assist you in educating your students about this unique place.

Introducing the Tongass National Forest

Rising majestically from the deep, clear waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage, this is a land of huge bears grown fat on salmon, eagles soaring the endless skies, and 800-year-old trees standing silent sentry over a rich and verdant world. It is a rare place where visitors and locals alike can still travel over timeless glaciers, fish in pristine streams, or find solace at a remote cabin, immersed in the breath-taking beauty of wild Alaska. (Introducing the Tongass – download the PDF.)