The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is teeming with life…a perfect subject for wildlife and wilderness research!


Below, you will find resources to help students conduct independent research into the Arctic and the Arctic Refuge in northeast Alaska. The information below will help them to identify animal species of the Refuge, as well as its location, landscape features and more. Students can then record the information they have learned on this Refuge Letter Writing Form. Forms sent to Alaska Wilderness League will be taken to Washington, D.C., and your students will be sent fun Arctic Refuge inspired thank yous!

Mail completed letters to:
Monica Scherer
Alaska Wilderness League
321 Second Ave
Phoenixville, PA 19460



In early 2015, President Barack Obama issued a recommendation that the Arctic Refuge be protected for future generations, and in doing so released a video highlighting the amazing wilderness and wildlife values of the Refuge including birds, wolves, bears and more. After watching the video, share with the President your favorite parts of the Arctic! Alaska Wilderness League will deliver these letters to Washington, D.C., and send you some great thank you notes in return! (Video approximately one minute long.)

Alaska Wilderness League produced the following video that provides an in depth look at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Video approximately two minutes long.)

Additional Resources:

  • National Geographic video – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Lost in Time – about wildlife biologist George Shaller. Mr. Shaller participated in one of the first scientific assessments of the Arctic Refuge back in 1956, then returned 50 years later with a new group of students and scientists. The video explores what changed, what stayed the same and what the future may hold for the Arctic Refuge. (Video approximately six minutes long.)
  • Two page background information sheet on the Arctic Refuge. Students can use this as a source for general information.
  • National Geographic article on the Arctic Refuge. Longtime Alaska guide Jonathan Waterman chronicles his 2006 expedition into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with legendary wildlife biologist George Schaller. The article provides a great firsthand account of exploring one of America’s last great wilderness areas.