Diverse Constituencies’ Support for

Arctic Refuge Protections

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has always inspired broad-ranging support for protections, and in 2015, the Obama administration made history by recommending to Congress a Wilderness designation for the Arctic Refuge's Coastal Plain. Today, from Alaska guides to scientists to professional athletes and more, diverse constituencies are continuing to make their positions clear through the letters below. While their reasons and inspirations to protect the Arctic Refuge may vary, they all have the same message: the debate over drilling in one of the last wild places on Earth does not belong in the budget reconciliation process.

Recent letters of support:

Black Church State Leader Letter, December 2017

House Republican Letter to Leadership, November 2017

Republican Luminaries' Letter, November 2017

Letter: Scholars for the Arctic Refuge, November 2017

Garden Club of America Letter to Congress, November 2017

Former Department of Interior Officials Letter to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, November 2017

A Letter from Guides and Outdoor Professionals Supporting Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Protections, November 2017

Letter from Jane Goodall to the United States Senate, November 2017 (Find a version to the U.S. House of Representatives here.)

Alaska Coalition Letter to Congress, October 2017

Conservation Alliance Letter to Senators Murkowski & Cantwell, October 2017

Scientist Letter to Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan, October 2017

Professional Athlete Letter to Congress, October 2017

Former Republican Members of Congress Letter to Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan, September 2017

A Resolution from Alaskans Regarding the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, September 2017