Photo Credit: Florian Schulz

Thank you for taking action today to stand in solidarity with the Gwich’in as the Trump administration holds the first lease sale of the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge. Here are steps to take action:

  1. Download this image and print it out.
  2.  Either:
    1. Take a selfie
    2. Hang it in your window and take a photo from outside
    3. Take a photo with someone else in your household holding the sign
  3. Post the photo on your social media with a short statement on why YOU stand with the Gwich’in and wish to see the Arctic Refuge protected not sold to Big Oil. Please use #StandwiththeGwichin and #ProtecttheArctic in your post.

Sample Post Language

  • I #StandwiththeGwichin today as BLM holds a sham lease sale for sacred lands in the Arctic Refuge. @JoeBiden thank you for committing to take day-one action to protect this special place #ProtecttheArctic @DefendtheSacredAK
  • Violating the rights of Indigenous Peoples should be enough reason to not drill in the Arctic Refuge. @Interior has no regards for climate impacts + human rights. Illegal sales scheduled for TODAY - Jan 6, 2021. All hands on deck to #DefendTheSacred #ProtectTheArctic
  • Drilling in the #ArcticRefuge threatens Indigneous food security at the height of a pandemic. The #Trumpadmin and @BLMNational 11th hour push of illegal lease sales is criminal.
  • Even with a climate crisis and pandemic disproportionately impacting Indigenous peoples, BLM pushes 11th hour illegal lease sales to drill in the #ArcticRefuge. Demand justice for the Gwich'in. #StandWithTheGwichin #DefendTheSacredAK #ProtectTheArctic