Almost everyone struggles with the knowledge that we all must draft a will. Tackling this process creates anxiety for many, causing many well-organized people to forego advanced planning. However, engaging in a little planning now can help you achieve your greatest aims for charitable giving.

Whether you’ve already prepared a will or are just beginning the process, our development staff can help you determine the easiest and most effective way for you to plan a legacy gift to help keep Alaska wild.

There are many ways to create an estate plan – you’ll feel great knowing you have attacked the daunting task of addressing this issue.

Just call our development team at 202-544-5205 and we’ll help you out!

The Alaska Wilderness League depends on your generous and continued support. Your interest, in a very true sense, supports our good work in Alaska!

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Please Note: The general information provided here or by any representative of the Alaska Wilderness League is not presented as specific financial, legal, or tax advice for any individual. Consultation with your own professional advisor(s) is always recommended.