Elected officials are eager (or obligated!) to hear from you – the voter – regarding your concerns. You can put this power to use standing up for wild Alaska! There are always new members of congress, and they may not understand the important role they play in keeping our public lands in Alaska wild. Build a relationship with new or returning members to help them understand the value of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other special places. Below, find information, tips and leave-behind information sheets for getting to know elected officials and building connections with them.


  • Find your representative's website and contact info here;
  • Register for their online newsletter;
  • Enter their phone number into your speed dial so you can call them and express your views;
  • Bookmark their website comment portal;
  • Follow them on social media. For a full list of helpful social tips, click here.


District meetings are a highly effective way to let your representative and senators know that their constituents are concerned about keeping Alaska wild. Many members of Congress come home each weekend and have time available to meet with constituents on Fridays and Mondays. In addition, Congress schedules recesses throughout the course of the year in February, April, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and for the month of August. Click here for step-by-step instructions for a successful appointment.


Many representatives and senators host public town hall forums or meet your member events when they are back in their district or state. This is a great opportunity to let your representatives know about the issues you are passionate about. We have heard from offices that this is a very important way for them to get a sense of the priorities of their constituents.

Visit our Town Hall Forum page for detailed information on how to be most effective.


Just as powerful as meeting with your Members in district is a meeting on Capitol Hill! Whether there on business or vacation, taking some time out from your busy day to meet with their office really shows them how much you care about an issue. Follow the same steps you would in the district – contact their D.C. scheduler (find on their website) and request a meeting. Many members hold constituent coffee events each week. If your member does try to be sure to stop by.  We have heard from offices that this is a very important way for them to get a sense of the priorities of their constituents.