The Arctic is all around us. Every year, birds that begin their lives on the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge journey to all 50 states and across six continents, before heading back to the Arctic, where the cycle of life begins again. Many of these birds come through our backyards or make a stopover in your local National Wildlife Refuge.

With Congress in the hands of a Big Oil majority and inevitable attempts to open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling, we must do everything we can to be sure that this last wild haven remains for generations to come. You can be part of this by participating in our symbolic migration. Concerned citizens across the country will be flying kites to symbolize the birds that come through their areas and celebrating the natural connection between the Arctic Refuge and their area.

Click here to download materials to build and fly your own Arctic kite.

After you get your kite materials, make a plan to fly them with the rest of their flock. Invite your friends and family to a mini-migration of your own! You will have fun and raise awareness about the Arctic Refuge. Click here for more info on hosting a successful event and please email us at to tell us know how your event went! We’d love to share your report and photos on our website to build momentum for folks to have their own events and to keep the migration rolling! The League thanks our friends at The Drachen Foundation for generously providing kite materials to make this celebratory action a huge success!