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How You Can Help Today

Learn more about the Arctic Refuge!

Oil drilling does not belong in this refuge for mother polar bears, nursing caribou and millions of fledgling migratory birds. Yet, the Trump administration is asking for public comments on leasing it out to oil companies. Learn more about what’s happening now.

Learn how to Tweet for social change!

Even for those of us who don’t like to use social media, Twitter has become an increasingly powerful tool to reach your elected officials directly. This is because most officials have and use Twitter accounts, and pay attention to folks who direct posts at them.

Learn how to use Twitter for social change by watching this video!

A 2015 report showed that even 10 posts/tweets can make a difference when trying to move a member of Congress!

Learn how to write an LTE

The Letter-to-the Editor (LTE) section of the newspaper is read more frequently than any other section of the paper, giving LTEs the capacity to reach large audiences. Right now, discussions about climate change are in the news. Submit an LTE connecting climate change to protecting our Arctic. Get tips here.

Find a Town Hall meeting in your area!

One way to communicate with your representatives directly is to attend local Town Hall meetings. Many representatives hold them to reach out out to their constituents. Use this Town Hall toolkit for help advocating during Town Hall meetings.