Alaska Wilderness League is thrilled to recognize the following partners for their generous support and commitment to keeping Alaska wild. Their support, through contributions, co-branding efforts, in-kind donations and event sponsorships, has been crucial in the successful fight for protection of these fragile lands for the past 15 years.

For over 30 years, Arctic Treks has led ultimate backpacking, rafting and hiking adventures in Alaska’s Arctic, one of the most remote, magnificent wilderness areas on our planet.For the same amount of time, owners Carol and Jim have been involved in protecting and preserving those wild places, working in partnership with the Alaska Wilderness League since its beginning. AWL has been the strongest, most consistent, effective force for protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the rest of Alaska’s Arctic wilderness, and we’re immensely grateful for the hard-working, passionate staff, board and supporters whose continued commitment makes all the difference!
The Conservation Alliance is a proud partner of Alaska Wilderness League: “Alaska Wilderness League is an invaluable defender of the most wild places in the United States. Our member companies understand that outdoor enthusiasts need Alaska’s wild landscapes for adventure and recreation, and wildlife need them for survival. Places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Tongass National Forest are among the last places on Earth where people can experience intact natural systems burgeoning with wildlife, plants, rivers, mountains and forests.”
Eagle Creek is a proud supporter of Alaska Wilderness League. Having been involved with the organization for many years, protecting wild spaces in Alaska is a mission that is near and dear to our hearts. We believe that travel has the ability to inspire, enlighten and change us for the better. Our brand is founded on the core principal of integrity, from the products we make and the places we go, to our personal actions. Designing travel gear for every step of the journey, Eagle Creek is proud of our work with the League and our ability to outfit travelers with gear that keeps them organized and prepared for the road ahead.
At James Mueller & Associates LLC, we partner with clients to help them solve problems and realize their vision. Rather than trying to say something new about why we’re a proud supporter of Alaska Wilderness League, I think Wallace Stegner captured our perspective:“Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed … We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in.”
― Wallace Stegner, The Sound of Mountain Water
O.A.R.S. pioneered rafting and adventure travel to some of the most remote and wild regions of Alaska. “On a 1977 Tatshenshini River trip I witnessed a vastness even greater in magnitude than the Grand Canyon” said O.A.R.S. President & Founder, George Wendt. “I knew immediately it was a place we needed to share with others.” The experience of traveling 150 miles through territory utterly untouched by human development helped galvanize George’s conservation zeal and fostered a dream of his to share such wild places, as well as preserve and protect them, for future generations. To date, O.A.R.S. has guided more than 500,000 travelers down some of the most legendary liquid pathways on Earth.
Osprey is a proud supporter of Alaska Wilderness League. We recognize that Alaska is a bellwether for all policy set on our nation’s public lands, with resounding effects throughout the lower 48. We build innovative and high quality products to help our customers visit wild places like Alaska. In turn, we implore our customers to help protect wild Alaska.
Patagonia has been focused on protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for the last 15 years. Our goal is to permanently protect the 1.5 million acre Coastal Plain of the Refuge by designating it as wilderness. We have been proud partners of the Alaska Wilderness League during several targeted campaigns, educating our customers through stores displays, emails and our Web site about this important place and the need to keep it wild. Working to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is something we at Patagonia are passionate about and will continue until the Arctic Refuge is permanently protected.
For 20 years, Prism’s customers have been flying our extraordinary kites all over the world, including the spectacular wilderness of Alaska! There is no better backdrop for a stunt kite high above you than the wild places Alaska Wilderness League is working to protect. Our love for Alaska is matched only by our passion for crafting award-winning, innovative and beautiful kites for you to enjoy. We support the League’s work so that someday we’ll see you, flying your Prism kite, in Alaska’s protected wild places!
tactics_alaskawild_logo.jpg is a proud supporter of non-profits fighting on the front lines to help intelligently conserve, protect, and restore the earth`s biodiversity and natural processes. We believe our support of the Alaska Wilderness League is utilized to its fullest potential in the organization’s tireless efforts to help ensure protection of the incredible place we know as Alaska. In the words of David Brower, “There is no business to be done on a dead planet.” is a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations locally in the Portland Oregon area and abroad including the Alaska Wilderness League. We are convinced that our donations are put to good use for the on going and important struggle of conserving all regions of Alaska. As an outdoor store serving snow, water and land sport enthusiast for over 55 years we depend on the environment including but not limited to mountain ranges and all oceans. We believe that conservation of these natural assets is essential for future generations.
As a brand rooted in the action sports, outdoors lifestyle, Volcom relies heavily on a clean ocean and healthy snowfall and while the obvious may have just been stated, it can’t go without saying: We support a healthy planet and we know you do too.As a supporter of Alaska Wilderness League we are confident that our contributions go towards the continued and valuable efforts of preserving Alaska’s wild land and we couldn’t be more proud to say that we’re a part of that.
We knew that we wanted to make a difference. That was the easiest decision we had to make when Yonder Star Christmas Shopwas being founded. Even before we determined what products we would offer, we determined that we would give back to the community and minimize our impact on the environment. As co-owners, Cindy & I were longstanding environmentalists, well informed on the plight and condition of our planet’s ecosystems.We recognize now, that North America has almost no remaining undisturbed wilderness. Some of the most pristine wild places are those found in Alaska: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Teshekpuk Lake, the Tongass National Forest, as well as many lesser known refuges and parks. These stand as final examples of a natural world that is slipping from our grasp. The need to preserve them is paramount. At, we recognize this urgent need and have found that the Alaska Wilderness League is the shining star leading the movement. Their grassroots efforts and steadfast commitment are what gives us hope for long-term preservation of these magical, critically important wild lands and the hundreds of species that have existed there for eons. Thank you Alaska Wilderness League!
Zumiez understands the important role businesses must play in the global fight to protect our threatened natural resources. Supporting Alaska Wilderness League’s programs to defend public lands in Alaska allows Zumiez to actively engage in the on-going fight to protect the Last Frontier. By leveraging our resources, Zumiez is able to provide the League with invaluable means to fulfill their mission to keep Alaska wild.

The League’s Corporate Partner Program was created to promote like-minded companies who are committed to the environmental issues impacting our nation’s most wild of places. The Program allows the League to deliver unique programs that educate the public and Congress about the importance of these irreplaceable treasures — and further, helps ensure these resources will remain wild for future generations.

One of these programs, the Alaska Coalition, is a unique coalition of businesses, sporting, labor and conservation organizations and religious institutions who are focused on protecting Alaska’s public lands. Through the coalition’s advocacy efforts, we have been able to stop the exploitation of public lands in Alaska, especially repeated attempts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Becoming a Corporate Partner is easy! The League will work with you to tailor the partnership and to design an integrated marketing plan that ensures your business meets your strategic goals while simultaneously increasing awareness for our programs. For more information or if you are interested in becoming a corporate partner please contact:

Brian Leone Tracy, Corporate Giving