Reflecting On A May That Went To The Birds

Hilary Stamper | May 29, 2015
In like a lamb, out like a migratory bird. That’s how the saying goes, right? Maybe not, but that doesn’t change that May was an amazing time to celebrate something phenomenal about Alaska – the fact that it is home to a dizzying array of migratory birds, especially in northwest...
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(This article originally appeared in The Hill.) Last week, the Interior Department greenlighted Shell’s risky and dangerous plans to drill in America’s Arctic Ocean. The old saying is that hindsight is 20/20. So why isn’t the Obama administration pulling the plug on Shell’s reckless plans for the Arctic? Read more
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Kite Makers Share Their Love For Alaska

League Staff | May 11, 2015
From the Arctic plains to the old-growth forests of the coastal southeast, Alaska’s vast landscapes encompass much of America’s last remaining wilderness, with much of it accessible only by air. Read more
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