What A Difference A Year Makes

Leah Donahey | June 29, 2016
Above, Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon speaks to more than 100 people in Washington, DC, at a May 2016 gathering in opposition to proposed leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. (Photo: Alaska Wilderness League) From fighting Shell as it journeyed to start drilling in the Arctic, to finding ourselves a big...
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On May 15 delegations from the Arctic, Gulf and Atlantic rallied at the White House before marching to the Lincoln Memorial. In the days that followed, they met directly with numerous congressional and administration officials. Their goal? To make sure Congress and President Obama stop drilling off their coasts. Read...
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The Month Of May Is For The Migratory Birds

Corey Himrod | May 23, 2016
(This story originally appeared on EcoWatch.) May 14 was International Migratory Bird Day, a chance to celebrate some of our most amazing and iconic birds and a reminder of the need to preserve the habitat that is critical to their survival. Read more
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