Avoiding Another Exxon Valdez

League Staff | March 30, 2016
(This article originally appeared in The Hill.) Twenty-seven years ago, Exxon Valdez showed the nation in sharp relief what can happen when we allow fossil fuel development in one of the world’s most diverse and remote marine environments. Read more
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Two Million And Counting Against Offshore Drilling

Andy Moderow | February 9, 2016
Last week, members of the U.S. Senate pressed President Obama to strengthen his commitment to act on climate change by dropping all new fossil fuel leases from America’s 5-year ocean leasing program. And in that spirit, I was proud to join with folks from the Arctic, Atlantic and Gulf last...
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David Thoreson Shares His Arctic Journey

Monica Scherer | November 6, 2015
Photographer and sailor David Thoreson recently appeared at venues across New Jersey, and in St. Louis, Missouri, to present Arctic Journeys in an Era of Climate Change: Stories and Photos, speaking about his travels and firsthand observations of how climate change is impacting the Arctic. Read more
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