Behind the Scenes: H.R. 1146 Passes!

By League Staff | October 3, 2019 | 0 Comments

A firsthand account of activities on Capitol Hill during the historic House vote to protect the Arctic Refuge.

It’s Time To End Shell’s Arctic Adventure

By Leah Donahey | February 2, 2015

“In 2005, Royal Dutch Shell, then the fourth-largest company on Earth, bought a drill rig that was both tall, rising almost 250 feet above the waterline, and unusually round… It could go (in theory) where few other rigs could go, helping Shell find oil that (in theory) few other oil companies could find.” Even as […]


A Historic Day For The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

By League Staff | January 28, 2015

(This article originally appeared in The Hill.) Today we celebrate a significant step forward for the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and we say thank you, President Obama, for doing the right thing by finalizing the Refuge’s Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) and including a Wilderness recommendation for the Arctic Refuge’s Coastal Plain. Please […]


Projecting Positivity: “Save the Arctic” Goes Up In Lights

By League Staff | January 22, 2015

“Save the Artic” shone brightly on the walls outside of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Anchorage, where the League joined Greenpeace, Sierra Club and others to demand protection for the Arctic Ocean.  Passionate Alaskans rallied below; they had come from across Alaska and beyond to attend a public hearing and express their opposition of Chukchi […]