Western Arctic land use plan sacrifices wildlife protection for oil

By League Staff | July 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

[This piece originally appeared in the Anchorage Daily News. Cover photo: Caribou calves in the Utukok River Uplands, National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. (Patrick Endres)] By Pat Pourchot The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released its final land-use plan and Environmental Impact Statement for the 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska in Alaska’s Western […]

Summer Solstice in the Arctic Refuge

By League Staff | July 10, 2020

By Randy May As we stood on the gravel landing strip in Arctic Village, Alaska, my two new friends and I watched as the tiny tundra plane descended from the Brooks Range, executed a steep hairpin turn, and landed using only the first 100 yards of the strip.


Alaska must play a key role in America’s climate solutions

By Kaden McArthur | June 30, 2020

Alaska is undoubtedly one of the wildest places left in the country, one of the places most impacted by climate change, and one that must play a key role in addressing the global climate crisis.


Lessons in justice from three outdoor experiences

By Adam Kolton | June 25, 2020

Like many, recent events have caused me, as a white person, to ask myself what I can and should do differently in my own personal and professional life to fight for justice.