Alaska Wilderness League

Alaska Wilderness League staff and board are wilderness advocates who believe some places are just too special to drill, log and destroy. Alaska — our last true frontier — contains an extraordinary treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes and iconic wildlife, including:

  • Polar bears and beluga whales off the Arctic coast
  • Caribou herds that migrate thousands of miles across the northern foothills
  • Stunning national forests filled with majestic old-growth trees standing guard over salmon-filled rivers

These gems were set aside decades ago to be protected for the benefit of the American people. Yet, so many of Alaska’s wilderness gems — including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Arctic Ocean, and the Tongass National Forest — are under attack. These lands and waters are in severe danger of being destroyed forever by short-sighted politicians and extractive industries. They want only the resources these ecologically sensitive areas can provide, regardless of the resulting devastation to the habitat, wildlife and cultures.

For this reason, in 1993 Alaska Wilderness League was founded as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation to further the protection of amazing public lands and waters in Alaska. The League is the only Washington, DC-based environmental group devoted full-time to protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other wilderness-quality lands in Alaska.

Our Mission

Alaska Wilderness League’s mission is to lead the effort to preserve Alaska’s wild lands and waters by engaging citizens and decision makers with a courageous, constant, victorious voice for Alaska.


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Feel free to contact Alaska Wilderness League with any questions or comments at any of the addresses below. Or email us at

Main Office
122 C St NW, Ste 240
Washington, DC 20001
Tel: 202-544-5205
Fax: 202-544-5197

Anchorage Office
1026 W 4th Ave #201,
Anchorage, AK 99501
Tel: 907-331-6099
Fax: 866-591-4437
Cell: 907-830-0184

Visit our staff list for contact information for our field staff.