Shell Oil: A record of environmental and corporate malfeasance

Download the reportRoyal Dutch Shell has spent billions of dollars building the image of an oil company that cares. What this report, “Shell Oil: A record of environmental and corporate malfeasance,” shows is that Shell cares – about its bottom line. What Shell doesn’t care about are the local communities it devastates, the workers it imperils or the environments it destroys. From shocking human rights abuses in Nigeria to a long history of egregious environmental violations in the United Kingdom and around the world, Shell’s track record suggests that it will stop at nothing to feed its outrageous profits. As Shell pushes to recklessly drill in America’s Arctic Ocean – with no viable plan to clean up an oil spill in one of the world’s most extreme, remote environments – this report makes it clear that the Obama administration must not trust Shell with our one and only Arctic.

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