Alaska Wilderness League staff and supporters live in every corner of this country. Whenever concerned citizens voice their passion for Alaska’s wilderness in the media, we catalog it. Below you’ll find Alaska in the news, as well as the most recent press releases from the League.

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yellow-dotCindy Shogan: I Heart The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Here’s Why You Should Too
(Patagonia “Cleanest Line” Blog, 12/10/2015)

blue-dotThe Inside Story of Shell’s Arctic Assault
(Audubon Magazine, 12/8/2015)

blue-dotRep. Huffman thanks Obama administration, asks for future Arctic protection
Statement by Rep. Jared Huffman (CA-02) (12/8/2015)

white-dotCelebrating the Landmark Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director; Valerie Brown, Legal Director, Trustees for Alaska (12/3/2015)

yellow-dotSenate Democrats renew battle lines over drilling on Arctic Refuge coastal plain
(Alaska Dispatch News, 12/2/2015)

yellow-dotSenators Michael Bennet and Ed Markey Introduce Arctic Refuge Wilderness Bill
Group Statement (12/2/2015)

green-dotU.S. Forest Service moves forward with amending Tongass National Forest management plan
Statement by Dan Kirkwood, Rainforest Program Manager (11/20/2015)

orange-dotObama administration holds oil and gas lease sale within National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska
Group Statement (11/18/2015)

blue-dotInterior takes next sales for Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea OCS off the table
(Petroleum News, 10/23/2015)

orange-dotConocoPhillips receives approval to drill first federal production well in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
Statement by Leah Donahey, Senior Campaign Director (10/22/2015)

orange-dotConocoPhillips wins drilling permit for project in Alaska’s petroleum reserve
(FuelFix, 10/22/2015)

orange-dotConocoPhillips wins drilling permit in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve
(BOE Report, 10/22/2015)

blue-dotGlobal warming has opened the famed Northwest Passage to navigation
(AlterNet, 10/22/2015)

blue-dotGovernment cancels upcoming oil lease sales in the Arctic, citing ‘low industry interest’
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10/16/2015)

blue-dotAlaska Wilderness League applauds cancellation of 2016/17 Arctic Ocean lease sales; denial of lease extensions
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (10/16/2015)

white-dotUnited States and Alaska end legal battle over Exxon Valdez
Statement by Kristen Miller, Conservation Director (10/15/2015)

blue-dotLong, bumpy Arctic road reaches a dead end for Shell
(Alaska Journal of Commerce, 9/30/2015)

blue-dotShell backs off Arctic ‘for the foreseeable future’
(Mother Nature Network, 9/28/2015)

blue-dotConservation Groups Applaud Rep. Huffman Legislation to End Arctic Offshore Oil Drilling
Group Statement (9/28/2015)

blue-dotShell Shocked: Shell announces an end to its Arctic adventure
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (9/28/2015)

blue-dotDavid Thoreson talks Arctic climate change
(Daily Princetonian, 9/28/2015)

blue-dotDavid Thoreson talks Arctic climate change
(Daily Princetonian, 9/28/2015)

yellow-dotYoung Leaders Lend Their Voices on Culture, Climate Change
(Indian Country Today, 9/24/2015)

blue-dotKristen Miller: Is This the New Face of Climate Change?
(AlterNet, 9/23/2015)

yellow-dotArctic Leaders To Congress: Oil Development In Alaska Is A Human Rights Issue
(ThinkProgress, 9/18/2015)

blue-dotCindy Shogan: Our Future Generations Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Arctic Drilling
(Huffington Post Green, 8/28/2015)

blue-dotGreens decry Obama’s Shell game
(Alaska Dispatch News, 8/17/2015)

blue-dotObama clears way for Shell to bore into oil-bearing zones
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (8/17/2015)

blue-dotConservation Groups Host National ‘Shell No’ Day of Action
Group statement (7/20/2015)


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