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yellow-dotYoung amendment blocks Arctic Refuge Wilderness plan
(APRN, 7/7/2015)

blue-dotEnvironmentalists: Feds should shelve Shell’s Arctic plans because of walrus rules
(FuelFix, 7/7/2015)

blue-dotShell purposefully attempts to ignore Arctic drilling rules
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (6/30/2015)

blue-dotShell clears key Arctic drilling hurdle, but must keep its rigs 15 miles apart
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6/30/2015)

blue-dotRep. Huffman to Sec. Jewell: Don’t approve Shell’s plans, Arctic leasing
Statement (6/23/2015)

blue-dotConservation groups launch “Highway to Shell” Campaign to Highlight Shell Oil’s Risky and Reckless Arctic Drilling Plan
Group statement (6/22/2015)

blue-dotShell gets U.S. permit to disturb marine life off Alaska’s coast
(Bloomberg, 6/15/2015)

blue-dotShell receives authorization to harass thousands of marine mammals
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (6/15/2015)

blue-dotAppeals court upholds Shell’s Arctic oil spill plans
(Alaska Dispatch News, 6/11/2015)

blue-dotAlaska Wilderness League Supports Senators’ Call to Halt Drilling in the Arctic
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (5/22/2015)

blue-dotCindy Shogan: Arctic drilling for ‘extreme oil’ is risky – and letting Shell do the work is reckless
(The Guardian, 5/13/2015)

orange-dotInternational Migratory Bird Day a reminder of the importance of our public lands
(The Hill, 5/12/2015)

blue-dotShell to resume Arctic drilling off Alaska as green groups warn of disaster
(The Guardian, 5/11/2015)

blue-dotShell wins approval to seek oil of Alaska’s Arctic coast
(Bloomberg, 5/11/2015)

blue-dotFeds greenlight Arctic drilling
(The Hill, 5/11/2015)

blue-dotObama administration approves Shell’s risky and dirty Arctic drilling plans
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (5/11/2015)

blue-dotBP Oil Disaster 5 Years Later, Lessons Unheeded: Push for New Offshore Drilling Ignores Risks
Group statement (4/16/2015)

blue-dotFeds offer tiny window for public comment on Shell Arctic drilling
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/10/2015)

blue-dotFeds launch review of Shell’s Arctic drilling plan
(Fuel Fix, 4/10/2015)

blue-dotShell’s risky and dangerous Arctic plans pass
Statement by Cindy Shogan, Executive Director (4/10/2015)

blue-dotIt’s Time to Take Arctic Drilling off the Table
(Huffington Post Green, 4/4/2015)

yellow-dotPresident Obama transmits Arctic Refuge Wilderness recommendation to Congress
Group statement (4/3/2015)

blue-dotSec. Jewell gives thumbs up to oil leases in Arctic waters
(Seattle Post Intelligencer, 3/31/2015)

green-dotInjunction granted in Big Thorne lawsuit
(KRBD, 3/31/2015)

blue-dotDepartment of the Interior Opens Gate for Risky Oil Drilling in the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea
Group statement (3/31/2015)

yellow-dotMurkowski adds federal land disposal measure to budget
(KTOO, 3/30/2015)

blue-dot3 Factors Could Slow Arctic Drilling Despite Shell Go-Ahead
(National Geographic, 3/30/2015)

green-dotConservation groups appeal old growth logging in Big Thorne Sale and Tongass Forest Plan
Group statement (3/27/2015)

green-dotCindy Shogan: Support the true engines of the southeast Alaska economy
(The Hill, 3/25/2015)

blue-dotAs Shell Looks To Drill In Arctic, Environmentalists Rally To Remember Historic Oil Spill
(Climate Progress, 3/24/2015)


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