Want to learn more about Alaska’s wilderness or celebrate all it has to offer? Attend a League event listed below, or if nothing is listed on our calendar, host one of your own!  Alaska Wilderness League has many “step-by-step tool kit” ideas to help get you started.


Brower event SF Mar 9-4logos


The Wild Edge:  Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast, with Florian Schulz and Kenneth Brower

Join conservation photographer Florian Schulz with images and stories from his book, The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast. Experience the gray whales, manta rays, flocks of sea birds, spirit bears and more. Enjoy the beauty of this remarkable ecosystem, connected by the depths of the ocean to the tops of ancient tress. Shultz will be joined by writer Kenneth Brower.

RSVP: rsvp@alaskawild.org

Date:   Wednesday March 9th 2016

Time:  7:00 to 8:30 pm


Richard and Rhoda Goldman Theatre

The Brower Center

2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Phone: (202) 266-0428

Cost: Free

Presenting Organizations:

Alaska Wilderness League

Braided River

David Brower Center

Sierra Club San Francisco Chapter





Hosting a house party or movie showing:

One of the best ways to reach a group of people is to talk with them in a casual social setting. Quick tips:

1. Plan your party around a theme – Alaska Wilderness League has video CD “mini-movies” (but also options for feature length films!) to get you started. Our new videos on the Tongass National Forest, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska show the beauty and diversity of these unique landscapes. Each video highlights a special place in Alaska and is under 20 minutes.

2. Send invitations and plan your party food, refreshments, and be sure to have take-home materials about the special place.

3. The “ASK” is very important – once you have your group’s attention and have them educated they will want to take an action to help. Be sure to have materials on hand so that they can write letters to elected leaders or sign postcards or petitions.


Increasing your “Voice” by Tabling and Petition Gathering:

Increasing the voices calling for the protection of wild special places in Alaska can be easy to do through the use of petitions and postcards. Alaska Wilderness League has these pre-printed that you can use. This is not only a very important way to show that there is a lot of support, in every state, for protection – it is also a great way to collect contact information from people to grow the team.

Tabling and petition gathering in public places builds the momentum for permanent protection. “Tabling” is just doing outreach to the general public in a one-on-one fashion – you set up a table in a public venue (with permission!) and provide materials and conversation as people come by.

Quick tips:

1. Find a public event with a built in audience – picnics, fairs, or other social gatherings and ask for permission to do outreach.

2. Have a large sign or poster to catch people’s attention and other materials like factsheets and “take-aways” to hand out.

3. Talk with people as they come by about why you care about Alaska special places, plus have an “ask” for them to take action and be a part of the voice for protection. This is where the Petition comes in!

4. HAVE FUN – be sure to mail completed Petitions (or postcards) to Alaska Wilderness League. We can make sure they are hand delivered to your elected leaders Washington DC office.