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Alaska’s wild lands are under attack. Alaska contains over 200 million acres of federal public lands – lands owned by each and every American. Alaska’s public lands offer incredible wildlife habitat, opportunities for solitude, and spectacular scenery. The diverse ecosystems of our wild places in Alaska range from temperate coastal rainforest – with its grizzly bears, wild salmon runs, and old growth trees – to America’s Arctic, habitat for all of America’s polar bears, endangered bowhead whales, and migratory caribou.

This extraordinary treasure trove of lands, set aside decades ago to be protected now and in perpetuity for the benefit of the American people, is in severe danger of being destroyed forever by short-sighted politicians and the extractive industries. They want only the resources these pristine areas can provide, regardless of the resulting devastation to the habitat, wildlife, and local cultures.

The League is currently producing online videos to highlight and educate the public about our campaign areas. We’ll update this page with each new video as it’s completed. Keep checking back!

Alaska Wilderness League: What We Do


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska


Tongass: A Rare Glimpse Into America’s Rainforest