Shell NO! The Fight Is Just Beginning

League Staff | August 3, 2015
(This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.) Shell has not heard that last from us. The millions of Americans that have come forward to Save the Arctic will not be silenced and will not give up. ShellNo! Read more
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#ShellNO – Coast To Coast

League Staff | July 28, 2015
Back in June, hundreds of activists gathered in kayaks in Seattle to draw attention to the Arctic Ocean and to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling program and the use Seattle ports as a base for its Arctic drilling fleet. Since then, “kayaktivism” has been embraced by citizens across the country and...
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Incidental Take And Our Arctic Ocean

League Staff | June 25, 2015
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Service recently issued Shell Oil an “incidental harassment authorization,” giving the company permission to harass thousands of whales and seals if it is allowed to move forward with exploratory drilling this summer. But what exactly does this mean for the marine...
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(This article originally appeared in The Hill.) Last week, the Interior Department greenlighted Shell’s risky and dangerous plans to drill in America’s Arctic Ocean. The old saying is that hindsight is 20/20. So why isn’t the Obama administration pulling the plug on Shell’s reckless plans for the Arctic? Read more
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