An Arctic Fourth Of July

Corey Himrod | July 8, 2016
The following was written by Alaska Wilderness League Guardian Tom Anderson on his Aligning With Nature blog. Read more
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The Month Of May Is For The Migratory Birds

Corey Himrod | May 23, 2016
(This story originally appeared on EcoWatch.) May 14 was International Migratory Bird Day, a chance to celebrate some of our most amazing and iconic birds and a reminder of the need to preserve the habitat that is critical to their survival. Read more
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Unmatched for its extraordinary ecological values and subsistence resources, the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is rich in wilderness and wildlife. But development in the Reserve begins next winter, as ConocoPhillips seeks to exploit this pristine place in the name of oil profits. A new piece from Politico investigates how we reached...
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Richard Kahn: Into The North (2015)

Corey Himrod | June 19, 2015
(The following blog was written by Richard Kahn, an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Kahn has spent the last sixteen summers paddling wilderness rivers in the Brooks Mountain Range and North Slope of northwestern Alaska. He has traveled extensively in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, spending more than 300 days on the Colville...
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