The Alaska Wild Giving Society has been formed within Alaska Wilderness League to bring together and recognize those who through their generous gifts lead the effort to preserve the Alaska wilderness. Through Society members’ financial support we are able to be courageous, constant, and ultimately victorious in our endeavor to protect Alaska from the destructive intentions of those who would exploit it.

Each year the Society invites those who care about the Alaska wilderness to special events in cities around the country. These are opportunities to bring together Society members and their guests to focus on critical, impactful issues related to keeping Alaska wild. Recently, members of the Alaska Wild Giving Society of Washington helped sponsor the inaugural “Voice of the Wild” award presentation in Seattle.

The Society recognizes annual gifts of $500 or more. We have created giving circles at various levels to acknowledge our members’ contributions. Those who give $500 or more are recognized as wilderness Enthusiasts, $1,000 or more are recognized as Advocates, those who give at least $2,500 are Defenders, those who give at least $5,000 are Protectors, those who give $7,500 or more are Champions, and those who give at least $10,000 are recognized as Guardians of a Wild Alaska.The Alaska Wild Giving Society will have regional leadership committees, comprised of prominent individuals devoted to promoting annual giving through the Society.

Please join the Alaska Wild Giving Society today!

If you have any further questions, or would like to become involved, please contact Rory Skehan at (202) 544-5205.