Alaska Wilderness League’s mission is to lead the effort to preserve wild lands and waters in Alaska by engaging citizens and decision makers with a courageous, constant, victorious voice for Alaska.

Be Inspired

Learn about our wild and beautiful public lands and waters in Alaska and why they matter to all of us. Start with the video below!

Get Involved

The League helps people speak up to keep our public lands and waters in Alaska wild and free. Share a #ShellNo photo to stop Arctic Ocean drilling.

Protect Your Lands & Waters

Together we have conserved more than 11 million acres of land in the Western Arctic. Donate to support our work. 

The League has beaten back countless attempts to drill in America’s Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge and Arctic Ocean. We’ve built a support network for a sustainable Tongass
National Forest, and have conserved more than 11 million acres in the Western Arctic.

Thank You to our sponsors!

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